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About Us

The UBC Pre-Veterinary and Animal Welfare Club is open to any who adores animals and desires to better the lives of animals. We hold information sessions on volunteer opportunities or internships for students interested in becoming veterinarians or working in animal welfare. We also have tours of animal health related facilities such as the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre or Marine Mammal Rescue, and fundraisers for animal related organizations. Most importantly, we hold many information sessions on potential veterinary schools from all over the world!

If you are an animal-lover, this is the club for you!


Trivia Night + Annual General Meeting
Trivia Night + Annual General Meeting
Come join PAW for a fun night of animal trivia and exciting prizes! We will also be hosting the AGM where you can meet other members and execs, and give suggestions for future PAW events! Location: IKB room 460 Time: Monday, Dec 5th 6:00pm-8:00pm


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